Shopping Tips

Cashback Monitor: The Best Shopping Portal Tool

I once wrote an article introducing various shopping portals. Now I would like to recommend strongly a website that integrates almost all of the shopping portals: Cashback Monitor. 1. Introduction to Shopping Portals Shopping portals offer you extra cashback for your online purchases, sometimes even with in-store purchases. This is in addition to the cashback you already earn from your credit cards….
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Giving Assistant Review — 20% Off on Amazon, ends on 11.1!

2015.10.21 Update: Today there’s an email from Giving Assistant, which says they will stop offering 5% cashback on Amazon begins on 11.1! If you need to shop at Amazon in the near future, be hurry to stock pile some Amazon Gift Cards! We’ve been so fortunate to be able to offer you a very generous 5% cash back rate at one…
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How to Save Money on Amazon

Amazon is one of my favorite online shopping website. It contains almost all you want, and its Prime membership are well worth its $99 annual fee. 0. Sign-up Bonus If you haven’t joined Amazon Prime/Amazon Student before, use our link to register for Amazon Student, then you can not only enjoy your free 6 month trial for Amazon Prime, but also get $5 reward….
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