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Discover + Apple Pay = 22%, 23% or 30% Cash Back! (Expired)

2015.11.03 Update: People are starting to receive their 10% cashback. You need to wait for the second statement after the purchase to get this cashback, if you still don’t receive the cashback, please be patient. The datapoints show that, Discover really has the ability to distinguish whether you bought gift cards, you won’t get the 10% cashback for gift cards…
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What Is the Best Way to Buy an iPhone 6s (Plus) (Comparison)

Apple has launched its new iPhone for this year. Are you ready for it even costs you an arm and a leg? However, the thing is how to buy a cheapest one and save money. We introduced some methods to buy an iPhone in the previous post What Is the Best Way to Buy an iPhone (Introduction). This post would elaborately…
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