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New Student Special: Introduction to FICO Credit Score Model

In the previous post we showed the general concepts of credit score and credit history and specifically mentioned that FICO credit score was most authentic important to you. This post is going to figure out how is FICO credit score calculated. Overview The most widely used FICO model is FICO 8 in which the percentages of the credit score are listed blow:…
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New Student Special: Brief Introduction to Credit Score and Credit Report

It’s a commonplace but a unavoidable topic. I tried to help you digest the most important concepts through this post. The specific questions about credit score calculation will be answered at the next article! Briefly, it is: Credit Score = Credit Report + Score Calculation Model Credit report is, haha, a snitch recorded by the banker on your credit history….
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New Student Special: Which Credit Cards Are Easy to Get Approved As a Newbie? (2017 Update)

Which credit cards are suitable for newbies with no credit history? This post will briefly tell you how to apply for your first credit card. The first card is difficult to get, because when you just arrive in the US and have no idea about credit card and credit history, it’s hard to accept so much information. But here, I’ll just…
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